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Body Guide

V body shape:

don't add unnecessary fabrics to the upper body, as this will just exaggerate your shoulders and bust. Go for flared lower garments to balance out your shoulder size and flatter your waist.

H body shape:

the idea is to "create" curves that aren't naturally present, bearing in mind that straight cuts lengthen the body.

O body shape:

Go for pleats and drapes, which are great for hiding bigger stomachs associated with O-shape bodies.

A body shape:

The aim is to balance out the hip/shoulder ratio. Strappy or short-sleeved tops will do the trick.

X body shape:

Hourglass figure's should be shown off! With a noticeable waist, the idea is to balance out the width of the shoulders and hips.

Figure of 8 body shape:

perfectly proportioned! A body shape suited to all styles, particularly mermaid and princess-cut dresses.

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